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Monie squared

Monie's Monthly Box


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Each Monie Natural Box contains Monie Squared natural skincare & hair care products that are chemical free and made with lots of Love. With subscription, each Month you will receive a Monie Natural Box containing new and/or Original Monie Squared skin and/or hair care products (standard and/or trail size) delivered to your door no later than the 25th of each month. Each Monie Natural Box subscription comes with a 3 month minimum commitment, in which you will receive free shipping on your monthly Monie Natural Box. You may purchase Monie Natural box/es without a subscription, but please be mindful that if you choose to purchase Monie Natural Box/es without a subscription you are required to pay $7.45 for shipping.

**PS items in the pic my differ from this month’s Actual Box! Current Monthly Box will never be revealed prior to delivery**